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We present you the revolution of social media marketing strategy combined with web3 & blockchain technology 

Get paid for liking post,comment and following others on social media , the first innovative idea from sosharu networks that make social media worth your time.we also provide many services for your social media marketing with the lowest price on entire global market.

note : Your reward for liking,comment,and follow will be base on your membership

SNS TOKEN Introduction 

SNS token for your social media booster partner

SNS project are projects to help people to have equal chance to gain profit over time ( dca financial strategy ) .We build a platform on blockchain and web3 tech to help startups / person raise their social media engagement with friendly price. we also share all of our profit from projects with the investor and member who become parts of our community.  


Socialpad - upcoming

The first p2p pad in crypto world ready to serve your social media marketing needs. combining the power of blockchain and web3 ready to boost your social media engagement. you can do lot of things with our social pad : buy real follower (our member will be kyc so its 100% guaranteed not bot) ,provide likes,comment ,retweet,subscribe, host your ama, hire social media manager , create banner and ads for your startups and so much more. all revenues from projects will be shared equally amongs SNS investor and community member. read whitepaper for more detailed information.

Why us?

The leader

We are the first one that combining blockchain and social media marketing , and we have the best offer on the market for price and quality, and backed by thousand real person ready to help for your marketing strategy.

Stable growing

Sns token will go to the moon because we are being backed up by real business so it will provide real value to our token,and we also added many utility to the token so that sns wont be useless token.

Real world utility

we are building real world business in form of coffee shop so you can use sns token in our shop , we are focusing in asian market first and then will continue to expand through europe and other continent as well.


Our token already audited and have kyc certificate also safu badge from the pinksale , this proves our motives to bring a real project and to bring benefit for all of community and our investor.

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Real utility token

Our mission is to open coffee shop and doing coffee trade to all over the world using sns token as payment , cryptocurrency payment will cost less fee than banking and it will reduce the cost of our coffee production and bring sns token real world utility.

The coffee shop will also be offline media marketing service , where creator can display their NFT printed and posted in the store to attract art lovers,and which make our coffee store unique from the rest of the other shop.

be our partners for coffee trading , please go to partnership down bellow to find more information about our partnership

Join the movement

Where revolution Begin

Building a strong business foundation as a backup to our token and using it as currencies to trade coffee between countries.


Total starting supply : 300.000.000.000 SNS token

SNS contract address: 0x90AF4Db753998d3a2ba69D56ff39B18ee0adeF97


  • Dividents  : 0.5%
  • Liqudity    : 0.5%
  • Treasury / events : 0.5%
  • Buyback    : 0.5 %
  • burn : 0.5%


  • Fairlaunch    : 35 % 
  • Liquidity       : 20 %
  • partnership : 10 %
  • staking : 10 %
  • marketing & cex : 14 % 
  • nft rewards : 3 %
  • membership rewards : 3 %
  • syrup pool proposal : 5 %

Kindly go to whitepaper for detailed information


Phase 1
  • Smart contract deploy ✔
  • Audit & Kyc ✔
  • official social media ✔
  • social media campaign ✔
  • website launch ✔
  • whitepaper v1 ✔
  • social media case study ✔
Phase 2
  • NFT store deploying (live) ✔
  • Presale on pinksale ✔
  • Partnership development ✔
  • Social media marketing phase 1 ✔
  • coinmarketcap & coingecko listing
  • socialpad development 
  • certik audit & skynet
Phase 3
  • influencer campaign
  • staking feature
  • website update (3d  design )
  • public member hiring phase 1 ( 5000 member
  • first charity events for dissabilities kids
  • socialpad deploying
  • cross messaging apps development
  • blue badge account partnership 1
Phase 4
  • NFT free airdrop ( 5 pcs )
  • influencer campaign 2
  • GTJ expo 8 - 10 march (japan free trips 5 person for NFT holders)
  • Online shop partnership
  • listing on cex 1
  • blue badge partnership 2
  • cross messaging apps deploying
  • public member hiring 2 ( 10.000 member )
Phase 5
  • SNS wallet launch
  • public member hiring phase 3 ( 25.000 member )
  • Gathering world youth day 1 -6 aug ( free ticket 10 person )
  • local offline arts workshop
  • listing on cex 2
  • blue badge account partnership 3
Phase 6
  • data collecting for arts museum listing
  • public member hiring phase 4 ( 40.000 member )
  • website design update & features
  • blue badge account partnership 4
  • Airdrop events SNS token
  • events free spiritual trip with sns team to roma ( 10 person )

Community based business build on blockchain and web 3

Say no more to fake apy promises

Investing in sns token will provide our investors steady earning overtime , we only promises to give what we can afford. earn from 200 up to 500% apy based on your investment can be holders , NFT collector , or our exclusive member.

We believe in unity and good teamworks can bring wealth and happiness, we care for those who feel small in their business , who feel left out in the community , who are new in crypto spaces and want to learn about it , and we want you to take parts and join us as family and together we can learn and gain success together.

Build your networks with us and join the revolution of social media marketing business. 

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